My Memes

This is a collection of Memes I created. They have been posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Some were to share the stories or picture galleries from So I Was Thinking others were little of what came from the corners of my thoughts.

End of the Internet
2019 Kiss My Ass
Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole
Do The Hokey Pokey
Happy Canada Day
It Is Time

To Honour Our Fallen To Covid 19

we Are In This Together
Don’t Text and Drive
No Masks Plan B
I take a Dog and a Human to make a Forever Home
I would never have let you out of my arms

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  1. First I must say you are courageous. Doing what you are doing is great and it makes me respect you. I don’t know how it would be like to walk a mile in your shoes but I reckon it did be hard! Keep up the good work and keep your head up darl.

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