This is one of those tales that makes you go hmmmmm.

For this story it is important to know that we waited a long time for our first child.

We tried to start our family and for many years we had no luck. Then we were blessed with our son Bailey that we adopted from an amazing person with an incredible heart. Our first miracle.
Here is the hmmmm part of the story. Lisa, my wife, was having a tarot card reading at our place, and she invited some friends over. Now I have never been one to believe in the dark arts, but I also wouldn’t trash them in a dark alley. Since I have never had my cards read, I thought it would be fun to see how it went and if I could trip up the card reader.

So the night comes, and a couple of readings are done and then it’s my turn.
Penny the card reader, sits me down and shuffles the cards, I think she had me cut them, and then the card turning starts. She sees a holiday for us somewhere with palms trees. Ok, well that could happen. Turns out she was right, thirteen years later, we went to Florida for the Disney World, Sea World, and Universal trip, there are lots of palms trees there.

This is the good stuff. She sees a change in jobs for me, but not a complete change, a second job is coming. At the time, I’m working on applying with the police. Then, she is looking at a card of a knight on a horse, and she says, ”no it’s not that, it is more of a mentoring kind of job and it will happen in a few months”. I’m sure she is wrong, it has to be the police. She is now looking at a card with a fence, this, she says indicates that I will be keeping both jobs at the same time. There is no way I could keep two jobs while being a cop. So, a little later, the time arrives that the job changes are to take place. I get pulled aside at work and told they have to cut my hours. Great, now I have to find another job, or at least a part time position to fill the missing hours. Just by chance, Lisa’s cuz says they are hiring where she works. The job is assisting mentally challenged kids and adults in a group home. Hmmm, sounds a lot like mentoring.

Skip ahead a couple of years. Bailey is about three and still no siblings, Penny is back for another reading.

So she starts the shuffling and then the turning of the cards again. Wow, another job change. Still going to be in electronics field, but not exactly the field I’m in at the time, this will happen in a few months. Guess what, I get offered a new position at work more hours, less money. I would still have to keep the other job to make ends meet or take a lay off. I decide to go back to school and learn programming. Not in electronics field as she talked about. She says money will not be a problem with the new job. At last we are going to win the lottery, no such luck. With a little effort things do have a way of working out.

Then the scary prediction. There will be a baby girl. She will be born in thirteen months. I ask her how that would happen since we have been told that we could not birth kids. She takes the cards and splits them in three piles, then asks me to choose one pile. I choose the middle stack. She flips over the top card showing an angel, she says it will be a miracle.

Ok, so here is how this came together. Penny’s reading was in July that year. August the next year our daughter Sydnee was born, thirteen months later. Our second miracle. When the time comes to finally start this new job, it happens three years after the baby came, now working installing cable, Internet and digital phone services. As predicted, it’s a job in electronics but not like I had been doing for the previous sixteen years, and the money did get better.


Do I believe? I would have to say I believe that there are special people in this world for a reason. For some, it is a way to share in a unique way that may take others to have an open mind to understand.

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  1. Interesting read. I was grown up to not believe in tarot cards because I was raised in a Christian household. But now I believe differently and I think cards do have so power over us.

  2. I strongly believe there is magic in this world. What’s important you feel connected with your inner self. I believe you wife really does 😊

  3. Some people have their intuition very well developed. It’s a shame that scammers have ruined the art that some have. It’s crazy she knew the exact months you would have your baby! Wow

  4. you have such an amzing story, sharing this will really inspire many people, thank you

  5. what a nice and inspiring story, having to read this kind of article can motivate people, enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing

  6. Wow, such a beautiful story and I really enjoyed reading this. Congratulations on your miracle and for everything good that are happening to you and to your family.

  7. Congratulation a on your miracle. I know the path of not being able to have kids and then receiving a miracle. There are some people who do have their intuition developed and are good at what they do. It’s sad that there are so many scams out there that diminish the work of the ones who trully have the gift.

  8. I believe everyone has a gift some use it for good others use for evil purposes just depends on the paths they choose to take. I am so glad you were able to have children. Bless you.

  9. Very cool experience. I can’t deny that there are some people who are able to do things such as this reader did. I’ve heard to many similar stories to this one.

  10. This was such a sweet read. That lady definitely knew card reading .And congratulations for baby girl .

  11. Delay is not denial, what is ment to be will be, i am glad i read your article thanks for sharing

  12. Super love the story, it is very interesting and yes you’re right it is hmmmm actually no it is WOW!!! You must be so excited.

  13. oh wow that’s cool and also really interesting and kind of makes you go HOOOOWWW! haha how neat!

  14. I have a friend who knows how to read tarot cards. Whenever we’d have a reunion or a party, he’d bring his cards along and ‘read’ our future. We do it mostly for fun, but take the readings with a grain of salt nonetheless.

  15. I believe in the Bible. I believe that there are many things we will never understand. Congrats on your babies!

  16. Happy for you! And yes, I’ve had a positive experience w a tarot reading and it totally aligning with the manifest future! In happy ways, too.

  17. Thanks for linking me to this story! Crazy interesting and also amazing that Penny was right about a lot of it! Congratulations on your baby girl 🙂 I hope I can grow to be as talented as Penny. I'm glad that you kinda believe now too lol

  18. That is really cool. My husband gets really into this stuff and I believe he actually knows how to do it too, or at least he used to, but I don't know a lot about it!

  19. I would believe on this too. I got a reading for me during high school and it came true on my late 20's and that's the time I came to realized it.

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