Key Chain

Key Chain

For many years I carried several key chains. The one for work had keys for padlocks, keys to access doors, it even had keys to access boxes that have keys in them. I had my van keys and my remote starter with security. I also had a key chain with my house keys.

February 2017 I had an accident that gave me a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). My TBI brings with it symptoms similar to a concussion, memory loss, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and others. Now I find myself no longer needing all those keys for work, the keys that were for all those padlocks, doors and boxes with hidden keys. The keys that spent so many years clipped to my belt loop, that jingled when I walked, had gone silent. No longer allowed to drive, the keys to the van have been put aside.


In my pocket is a key chain with six keys, one for the house, one for the garage and four keys I can not identify. I’m sure that at one time, these four keys had some kind of importance, a usefulness, a purpose. There has to be a logical reason to be hanging on to these four keys. There may have been a sentimental connection perhaps, I just don’t remember what they are for or even when they may have been used.

At one time, these keys had a use, a function, maybe even an important purpose. Possibly a new function for the keys will be found, a new purpose for them to stay on the key chain or maybe a whole new function, something different from what they were originally designed for.

Maybe some day there will be a reason for me to need these keys again.


20 thoughts on “Key Chain”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your incident. I know how hard it is for you but I have faith that someday you will know the uses of those 4 keys just wait and be patient.


  2. That is horrible what happened to you. Keys–I have two key chains-one for my car and a defunct lock from a clients house–the other–well–I know what three of them are for–as for the other 7 or 7 of them–no clue.

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  3. I feel so sorry for what happened to you and for continuously experiencing that everyday. I just prayed for you to become strong and have more patient in waiting for your full recovery.

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  4. I had a small keychain for my bike and then a key ring with all my apartment keys and key chains on that (I have two keys), I need something to remind where I put my keys. I tend to forget in the morning

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