Our Humans

This story was inspired by our Black Labrador, Brandy. We lost her the summer of 2023, she was almost sixteen.

Our Humans

There are a lot of humans that have yet to be adopted by a pet into a for ever home.

There is something about how a human reacts when it is adopted by a dog, they become very excited.

Humans will be so happy to be adopted that they will gladly share their shoes with their dogs.   Your humans pay a great deal of attention to their clothing. They like to display their style choices. We need to share in these interests. From time to time we should help show off their fashion pieces by bringing them out as well. Baskets are a great source for these articles and items that are not usually exposed are a fantastic choice. You will alway get the best reaction when your humans have friends over to play.

Humans require regular exercise, daily walks are a good way to assist them with this.  A leash will be required for this activity so that your human does not get separated from you and get lost.  Be sure to make eye contact with your human often to let them know you are proud of them and confirm they know where they are going, it’s a good idea to mark your path regularly just in case. 

The park is anther good place to take your human for exercise.  Here your human can disconnect from the leash and have some freedom to roam around.  Be aware that if you raise your voice with another dog or have any kind of interaction that might get your human worked up, it may require the need to put them back on the leash. 

Humans enjoy having us near by while they cook their meals, the closer the better.  It is also important to be available to sample their meals.  Making eye contact, placing your head on their lap or making squeaking noises from your throat are all good ways of letting your human know that you are there for them and available to help them with their meals. 

In the case of Human reproduction, they need our encouragement and support in this area.  Dogs should take the responsibility to teach our humans, when possible.  This can be done with questioning glances while they work through their reproductive techniques.  They tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out and on the occasion that they achieve the proper canine position, it is important that as dogs, we are there for our humans to give them an affirmative look. 

Humans mark their territory differently then we do, they only mark one small area and always the same spot.  You would think that this would leave the surrounding areas free to be marked but that would be wrong.  Humans, even though they haven’t marked these areas, get quite possessive of them. 

Communication with your human will be a challenge.  They have difficulty learning our language, they usually only pick up a few commands and they get mixed in with a lot of gibberish. Blah blah blah walk, Blah blah blah treat, who’s a good-boy, who’s a good-boy. 

Humans live for a long time but when we think of them in dog years they are quite young.  A human that is forty-nine in human years is only seven in dog years.  

Know that your human will most likely out live you.  It will be difficult to let our humans go as we pass on.  Our job is to teach our humans our unconditional love, be confident in your training and some day with luck, your human will once again be adopted by a loving dog. 




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  1. Reading this makes me miss our sweet dog who passed away several years ago. I often wondered if she was thinking these very things!

  2. So sweet. I definitely think that our dogs think we’re psychos with too many demands. And they don’t always tend to follow them and then get upset when we’re upset. But a life without an animal is no life at all.

  3. I’m not a pet lover but I’m not a hater either, so I can’t relate too much of this love for dog stuff. Btw, I love the idea in this thought.

  4. This cracked me up. The pet side of the story. I know having a lot changes one’s mindset. My brother is am example. He is more responsible since he got a cute dog.

  5. I like the prespective here. and I agree pets do adopt people in their life too, as well as totally feel like our home is actually their home

  6. Oh I loved this post! So cute – and I am so looking forward to being adopted by a cute little doggy soon <3

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