On Your Birthday

Some time in 1990 the idea of you was conceived in our hearts. After eight years we thought you were lost to us. We prepared ourselves to never hold you in our arms. There were so many hurdles in our way. Medical tests and procedures and doctors appointments that left little hope of see our... Continue Reading →

Our Humans

This story was inspired by our Black Labrador, Brandy. We lost her the summer of 2023, she was almost sixteen. Our Humans There are a lot of humans that have yet to be adopted by a pet into a for ever home. There is something about how a human reacts when it is adopted by... Continue Reading →


Jupiter Imagine you are four years old and you are told that you were adopted. You have autism and no one knows yet. You have above average problem solving capabilities. You know who your birth mother is and you have met many of your birth family. This is how our son rationalized his situation: He... Continue Reading →

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