On Your Birthday

Some time in 1990 the idea of you was conceived in our hearts. After eight years we thought you were lost to us. We prepared ourselves to never hold you in our arms. There were so many hurdles in our way. Medical tests and procedures and doctors appointments that left little hope of see our dream come true.

We couldn’t give up on you and we turned to the idea of adoption. There were more hurdles, this time it was paperwork and meetings, so many meetings and so much paperwork. We had almost lost hope.

On November 10 1997 we received a call that a young woman wanted to place you in our care. A spark was lit again, we could feel you growing in our hearts again.

January 27 1998 you were born and in three days you would be coming home to us. Those were the longest three days waiting to find out if your birth mother would bring you home to us and start our family. We nervously watched as you were carried up the walk to the house by your birth mother. Placed in our arms we looked at you in amazement, our dream come true.

It is your birthday today and you have grown into an amazing young man. We look forward to all the incredible things you will accomplish in your life.

With all of our LOVE Happy birthday son.

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