Breakfast With Friends

Our time exploring for Brandy and I maybe behind us now. Brandy now 15, her hind legs do not work too well. I am on a list for a new knee, my hind legs do not work too well. I knew we would miss our daily walks in nature. We have found that we are enjoying sitting out on our deck in the mornings. Maybe nature missed us too, because nature found us. Every morning we are visited by new friends, they come by for Breakfast.

When we first started our morning leisure time, there were only a dozen or so birds that came by to share the morning with us. As time went by we had a lot more friends come and join us for Breakfast. To be expected our new friends kept a close eye on us and were a little skittish. The more time they spent with us, they started to get used to us being near by. Often they would come very close and have a seat with us.

It did not take long for our Friends to find a common interest in the morning menu. We are really enjoying our time sitting on the deck with our Friends.

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  1. Really nice photos Blair. I am sure Brandy has enjoyed the journey. You have made the memories, that will last a lifetime.

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