Breakfast With Friends

Our time exploring for Brandy and I maybe behind us now. Brandy now 15, her hind legs do not work too well. I am on a list for a new knee, my hind legs do not work too well. I knew we would miss our daily walks in nature. We have found that we are... Continue Reading →

Finding the Path

Let’s face it, 2020 sucked for most of us. Our families experienced loss, pain and disparity. There were changes, so many changes. We saw lineups for groceries for the first time and restrictions on travel. Normals we never saw coming, like remote learning for children, face masks and hand sanitizing before shopping. We were isolated... Continue Reading →

Assiniboine Forest

The Assiniboine Forest is criss crossed with walking and animal trails, you will experience wet lands and wild life. Walking and Animal Trails Wild Life Spectacular Scenery Exploring With Brandy @ Assiniboine Forest Parking Lot is at 996 Grant Ave.,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Nature and the Outdoors

Enjoy this collection of Photographs from Nature and the Outdoors. Deer Lily Clover Canada Darner Dragan Fly Sunrise Plains Bison Morning Cloak Sea Gull Sea Gull RFeather Man In Nature Common RedpollCommon RedpollCommon RedpollCommon RedpollCommon Redpoll Lost a Beautiful Creature Fox Moss Ruby Crowned Kinglet Ruby Crowned Kinglet Hive Deer Deer Wood... Continue Reading →

Enjoy this picture collection of creatures with wings. Bald Eagle Seagull Seagull Seagull Seagull Seagull Robin Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Common Redpoll Pileated Woodpecker MINE! MINE! MINE! Hawk American Goldfinch American Goldfinch Seagulls Robins Woodpeckers Continue Reading →

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