Finding the Path

Let’s face it, 2020 sucked for most of us. Our families experienced loss, pain and disparity. There were changes, so many changes. We saw lineups for groceries for the first time and restrictions on travel. Normals we never saw coming, like remote learning for children, face masks and hand sanitizing before shopping. We were isolated from friends and family. We put ourselves and our families at risk everyday that we left for work. We felt anger, and experienced anger and frustration from others.

We received kindness and hope when it was unexpected and very needed and so appreciated. Kindness at any other time may have been perceived as a small gesture, but this year felt huge. Gestures of kindness that have given to hope, hope of a future that includes happiness, caring, love and family.

There is a journey that will lead to a place, a place and a time that belongs to us. 2020 has been a difficult part of that journey, without travelling down this path and exploring and experiencing 2020 , we cannot complete the journey.

This is a collection of moments along my 2020 journey.

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