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With the help of new friends Gary and Seaira we were able to remove a string wrapped around the foot of this goose. Seaira has informed us the name of the goose is Delila. Seaira fed Delila cracked corn and kept her distracted while Gary and I prepared to capture Delila and try to free her foot. The string had wrapped itself around the foot several times and had cut very deep into the leg. From what we could see, it did not look like Delila would get any function from the foot again. Delila was amazing through this whole ordeal, although she let us and Gary’s jeans know she was nervous, I think she understood we were there to help her. Maybe now. there is a possibility for the leg to heal. For Delila and the rest of the residents of the wetlands, hold on to our trash until it can be disposed of safely.

If you find injured wildlife and need a place to drop off or get information contact Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre or Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

I can not be100% sure, but hopeful that this is our Delila. This would be my first sighting of her in over five weeks. When she was injured there was a period of more then three weeks, that no one had seen her. Although her foot still looks to be in rough shape, I did see her take one step on it as she entered the water.

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