Exploring The Centre Of Canada With Brandy

Centre of Canada Park It has been determined that the Centre of Canada is at 96° 48’ 35”. The Centre of Canada Park with signage was established to mark the area. The park is located on the TransCanada Highway in the Rural Municipality of Taché. PETE'S HERITAGE MUSEUM Pete's Centre Canada Heritage Museum is a... Continue Reading →

Canadian Geese

A Photo Gallery, All Things Canadian Geese. Nesting New Families Flying Landings With the help of new friends Gary and Seaira we were able to remove a string wrapped around the foot of this goose. Seaira has informed us the name of the goose is Delila. Seaira fed Delila cracked corn and kept her distracted... Continue Reading →

Finding the Path

Let’s face it, 2020 sucked for most of us. Our families experienced loss, pain and disparity. There were changes, so many changes. We saw lineups for groceries for the first time and restrictions on travel. Normals we never saw coming, like remote learning for children, face masks and hand sanitizing before shopping. We were isolated... Continue Reading →

Living In A Small Town

Living in a Small Town From 1962 to 1971 we lived in six small towns. I was born in one in northern Manitoba. Saint Jean Baptiste was the last town before we moved to the big city, it’s the one I remember the best for some reason. I have flashes of the others, but there... Continue Reading →

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