Exploring The Sunrise With Brandy

I woke at 5:00 AM this morning, it has been kind of the routine lately. Sitting in the living room I could see that the sky in the window was mostly clear. I figured that would provide a pretty good sunrise opportunity. I took a minute to check the weather app and confirmed what time sunrise was and the weather conditions. Sunrise 7:15AM, -2°C and mostly sunny, nice. All I needed now was a walking partner, at 7:00AM I snuck into my bedroom where Brandy kindly shares the bed with us. Brandy is still sound asleep. now that she is nearing fourteen, she sleeps harder and longer. I whispered into her ear ” Would you like to go for a walk?”, her hearing hasn’t been very good the last while, but she heard me just fine. She hopped off the bed and we were heading out the door.

As we approached the little park down the street, the sky had already started to brighten even though the sun hadn’t broken over the horizon. It is the last week of March and the first week of Spring, the snow is almost gone, there are only small traces left and some ice patches that can make the walk a little tricky. The grass is crisp on the frozen ground and crunched under our feet as we navigated the trails.

There wasn’t the colors in the sky we were hoping to see, as the sun broke the horizon this morning, only a slight red, orange for a moment. The blues were painted on brightly and the shades changed by the minute.

Once the Sun finally broken the horizon it did not disappoint us with it’s appearance. As the Sun slowly climbed up through the trees in our little forest it gave us one amazing image after another. We found ourselves standing just trying to take it all in, even as we slowly walked out the forest, we looked over our shoulders to capture one more moment.

We were not ready to end our walk. There is a bench in the park that faces East into the forest, we took a few minutes to rest after our walk and take in the view.

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  1. I love how you share pictures and reflections from your time. My mother-in-law lives with TBI for over 50 years now and she records her days in a big journal. So many times she says she’s been “busy in her mind” where she’s been living in a pre-accident memory but going about her present day. She couldn’t tell me what she did in present day, but she can remember vividly her memory lane journey. I do my best to understand what life looks like for her and to be emphatic even though I know I don’t have the slightest idea. I’m helping her share her story at daysforlearning.com

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