Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

The Hudson’s Bay Company built Lower Fort Garry in 1830 after a flood damaged the original fort that was located at the junction of the Red River and Assiniboine Rivers. Lower Fort Garry operated in the fur trade until the early 1900s. From 1911 to 1963 Lower Fort Garry was used as a Golf course and a Motor Country Club. In 1963 Lower Fort Garry was restored to it’s original design and was operated as a National Historic Site.

Tradesman and Laborers shared the building for lodgings. Tradesman earned 18 -45 pounds per year.

Merchants and Fur Traders operated out of Lower Fort Garry.

The York Boats were used to move furs and supplies during the fur trade.

The Warehouse was used to store goods received from over seas and awaiting to shipment over seas. The Warehouse was also used as a prison for a period of time from 1870, until a permanent prison was built.

The Big House, The Governor and his family as well as the Post Master General and his family resided in the Big House. The Governor earned 2000 pounds per year. The Wives and families would remain on the property of the Big House until their Husbands returned home from work, only then would they venture out past the property with their husbands as escorts. Meals for the Governor were ten courses, bread, soup, vegetables, two meats, two wines and dessert.

The Doctors Office, in 1870 they operated a Mental Health hospital.

The Red River Views

The Blacksmith Shop. The Blacksmith earned 45 pounds per year and had a private room in the Lodge House.


Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site is located at 5925 Provincial Trunk Hwy 9, Saint Andrews, MB R1A 4A8

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