Who Are These People?

For three days, maybe more, I have woken with this story/ poem. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. Time and life seemed to prevent me from starting it or maybe the story just wasn’t ready to be told.

You Matter, Be There Tomorrow.

Is it fair to let the ones we love to miss out on tomorrow,  ask them to stay. This is a collection of Stories, Memes, Pictures and Videos that I have created or taken. They are an important part of my on going Mental Health Therapy. I have on occasion included links to individuals that... Continue Reading →

Waiting, With No Control

Waiting, With No Control Waiting On People I Have Never Met Waiting On People In An Office I Have Never Been In Waiting On People To Make A Decision On a Report They Had No Hand In Creating Waiting On People To Decide On My Future Waiting, With No Control

Walking A Mile In My Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes I saw a meme recently that said “ Never mind ‘walkin a mile in my shoes’...Try spending a day in my head.”. It made me think how would I describe what it’s like in mine with a traumatic brain injury. Let’s see, you would wake up early around 5:30... Continue Reading →

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