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You Matter, Be There Tomorrow.

Is it fair to let the ones we love to miss out on tomorrow,  ask them to stay.

This is a collection of Stories, Memes, Pictures and Videos that I have created or taken. They are an important part of my on going Mental Health Therapy. I have on occasion included links to individuals that have opinions or something significant to say about Mental Health. I started to journal because of my memory loss, so I could record my thoughts and experiences while they were still mine. I renewed an old interest in photography, I now use my writing and photography share my stories. Unfortunately I do not remember creating most of the stories or taking the pictures. They are now a reminder of moments in time that included me. The stories and images are also a reminder that I am more then my injuries. I hope you find something here that reminds you, that You Are More and You Matter.

Your Not Alone
acceptance and understanding
For my son
Green Ribbon, Brain Injury
Suicide Awareness

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