Exploring The Meadow With Brandy

We took our walk this morning before the sun broke over the tree tops. There was no wind, the temperature was -1C and there was frost everywhere. The grass crunched under our feet as we walked along our favorite trail.

At the far end of the trail we could see the little meadow of green grass covered in a blanket of white. We seldom see the meadow in full green this late in the season. This could make for a real nice picture, the tips of the grass blades frosted white. As we approached the end of the trail the trees opened up to the little meadow. We could see want look like two small fallen tree branches laying in the middle of the grass. There was something different about these trees right off, they both moved. They weren’t trees but two White Tailed Deer laying in the grassy meadow. Further to their left was a third deer laying in the frost tipped grass, their mother, head up on watch. For several minutes we stood at the tree line watching the family as they rested in the frosted grass. Slowly one of the young ones rose and started to graze on the chilly grass. The mother followed and a couple minutes later the last of her young rose to greet the morning. They all fed on the meadow and then slowly walked into the bush. That was an unexpected treat to start our day.

Thanks Alena for the inspiration.

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