Exploring The Fog With Brandy

We started October with back to back foggy mornings. The first day, the fog dropped from the sky. The next day, the sky was mostly clear and the fog hovered over the ground.

October 1, 2021

The fog today fills the sky, blocking the sun. Everywhere we look there is a grey haze. The air is damp and feels misty, the grass is wet and the leaves are collecting moisture from the air. All over it has the feel that it has just rained and yet there has been none. As we walk along the trails, the fog seems to provide more of the path ahead of us and close off the path behind us. The forests’ dampness has brightened it’s colors, even with the hanging fog. As we approach the trees and the fog thins, the colors standout against the grey background.

October 2, 2021

Another cool morning, this time we have a mostly clear sky. There was a much different feel walking through this fog than yesterday’s fog. Yesterday, although the fog was everywhere, we could see a fair distance a head. Today, the fog was much thicker and we were not able to see very far ahead at times. There was more of a feeling of being isolated today. Yesterday, there was a breeze and that allowed the trees to talk. Today it was very calm, the trees were silent, the only sounds were from the birds and our foot steps through the fallen leaves. With the sun breaking over the tree tops, the fog will soon be gone, leaving behind a damp imprint on everything it hung over.

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