This morning we took a walk down town. It didn’t take long to know this was going to be different from our usual walks in the park. Brandy still found lots to explore but we were missing the sounds of the trees and the songs of the birds. Instead we had cars rushing by, passing air through plastic conical shells hidden behind chrome grills announcing their driver’s frustration and impatience. The traffic seems unending.

Half done our walk, we took a minute to rest on a bench by a bus stop. Looking around, we were surrounded by concrete and glass that soared into the blue sky. There were trees on our walk, all at a measured distance decorated with metal grates. Birds flew by, their song was lost to the echo of jackhammers rolling through the back lanes and off the buildings.

The streets are torn apart with orange construction signs blocking access. At the end of the block, cement and gravel scrapes the inside of the drum of a cement truck as the drum turns and pours out its mix for a new road. A dump truck empties its load of sand and releases it’s air brakes.

The noise comes from every direction, there seems to be no relief from it’s growing presence. When you are sensitive to sound, light and visual motion, you can quickly start to feel overwhelmed. There is a sensation of feeling trapped with no escape, even while sitting on a bench on an empty street.

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