Caught In The Rain With Brandy

The weather app indicated we had about an hour before rain might start and only 60% chance. Since we hadn’t seen much rain in the last couple of months, we felt good that the odds were in our favor. They weren’t, and we only made it about 10 minutes into our walk before it started to drizzle. The haze hanging in the air is smoke from forest fires blown in from the north.

Quickly the drizzle switched to a steady rain. We took refuge under a couple of trees, hoping a little layering might give us some protection. Brandy was all set to go, the rain wasn’t going to stop her from exploring. Funny thing, when Brandy was younger she didn’t care for water, she would walk around puddles. Today she is going head first into the bush, coming out covered in water drops without a care.

We stepped out from under our leaf umbrella as the rain started to slow again. A little damp but Brandy is ready to go again.

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