Exploring Country Roads With Brandy

Hiking down Country Roads opens up opportunities for Brandy to explore new places and gives us some pretty amazing views.

St. Adolphe, Manitoba

Île-des-Chênes, Manitoba

The skunk was a surprise, it popped out of the ditch on our right and walked into the field shortly after we started our walk. It did give us a quick look see over it’s shoulder and gave a tail wave but I guess it decided we were nothing to worry about and started to slowly walk away. Brandy had never seen a skunk before and was very interested in making a new friend. I quickly clipped her leash on and told her they would have to remain distant friends. We walked along with our new friend, him in the field on our right, us on the far left of the road. A short while later, the skunk crossed the road in front of us, entered the left ditch and on into the next field and left us.

Howden, Manitoba

A farmer was burning off the remains of last seasons crop, filling the sky with smoke.

La Salle, Manitoba

Even though it’s still cool, the heat wave could be seen coming off the fields in the distance, giving an interesting effect on the buildings.

St. Norbert, Manitoba

Fog slowly burns off the fields as the sun warms the land, leaving a grey mist in the distance as we start our walk. The Canadian Geese fly in to feed off the fields. Frogs could be heard along the ditch but went silent as we came to close.

Railway Service Road

Sanford, Manitoba

Today is going to be another warm day, so we thought we might try a sunrise walk this morning while it was still cool. Smoke from forest fires left a haze in the air, filtering the sun as it came over the horizon. I’m no farmer but it looked like the crops were starting to feel the lack of rain in the area. The dirt road was nice for Brandy to walk on, the fields were dry and cracked.

Lorette, Manitoba

We found a crossroads for our walk today. Late August, harvest time, some fields have already been cleared while others are displaying complex patterns of colors. The road is swarming with crickets and the air is filled with their chatter.

Oak Bluff, Manitoba

It was a cold windy November morning Exploring a Country Road in Oak Bluff. The fields already have a layer of snow and ice, that the sun’s reflection dances across. The snow packed and icy road made walking a challenge. The sting of the chilling wind tried hard to distract us from the amazing views.

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