Exploring the Frosty Sunrise With Brandy

Sunrise this morning is at 7:30 AM, the temperature is -22°C and Brandy and I are heading out for our morning walk in the forest, our favorite place to explore. The air this morning is calm but there is a bit of a nip to it, it all feels a little crisp. There is a slight haze is the air, we have frost this morning.

The park is empty today except for man a holding a note and checking out locations. Turns out he is a teacher from a local high school setting up location spots for an orientation for his students. With Covid-19 the school has been doing more outdoor activities with the students.

The Sun has risen high enough to push through the empty winter branches, creating a zebra of light and shadow through the trees and across the snowy trails.

Walking in the woods this morning is calming, there is a silence, even the trees are not talking this morning. The only sounds and movement are from the foraging birds, Chickadees and Woodpeckers. Flying from branch to branch, crossing the sun’s morning rays, creating flashing shadows as they go.

The trails have been well visited and are packed firm, as we walk our steps crunch across the snow sounding almost hollow as we break the silence.

Our walk is over and we are heading home. Brandy has snow and ice on her whiskers from digging in the snow and my mustache and hood have a layer of frost along the edges. In my gloves my fingers have gone from cold, to sore, to no pain. There is a slight tingle to my cheeks and nose from the crisp air, wonderful feeling.

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