Unplugging from the net and social media for just a little while, can give you an opportunity to reconnect with life. I have recently had knee surgery and have been working on my recovery. One activity I do is a morning walk with my senior black lab. We find parks with forested areas and trails to explore. My walking partner has arthritis and with my limp our walk is more of an amble, so we take our time. This gives us lots of time to explore and for me I take advantage of a renewed interest in photography.

As we walk along the paths and trails, she explores and investigates, everyone that has gone by before us. We walk slowly listening to sounds of the forest, the trees moving in the breeze, branches rubbing together, bird singing and talking and small animals scampering on the ground rustling the leaves. I will spot something that catches my eye and stop to take a few pictures, at my side a few feet away my lab stands waiting, no judgement, no pressure, she stands by waiting for me.

No Facebook, no Instagram, instead we have birds flying from branch to branch, busy bees working the flowers and snapshots of nature that change with ever step. We watched the season change and life renewed. Buds on branches sprouted and new flowers bloomed. We’ve explored trails and found hidden treasures you only see when surrounded by nature.

There is a music in the rustling leaves, in the movement of a bird as it flies from branch to branch, the shadows crossing through the branches. The birds join in the chorus by adding their story to the song and the frogs and insects provide the background. Together they create a harmony that can not be written anywhere but in nature.

Unplugged and disconnected from social media.

Plugged in and connected to tranquility. Endless opportunities for likes, Endless opportunities for shares.

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  1. Your pictures a beautiful. It is sometimes important, even necessary yo unplug from our social life. Really empowering article.

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