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Duck Pond

Five weeks later

Terror In The Duck Pond

A dog broke away from his owner and jumped into the Duck Pond on the hunt for Water Fowl. No sooner did the the canine hit the pond did the residents send out a warning signal of an intruder in the pond. It was organized mayhem, ducks and geese swimming together, drawing their young away from the danger. The dog was too far from shore to be reached and the owner looked to be at a loss at how to retrieve his dog from its pursuit. At one point the dog does exit the pond but eludes capture and jumps back into the pond to terrorize some ducks. When the dog does finally leave the pond it is the ducks that have the last word and follow the dog from the water a short distance letting him know how they felt about his intrusion into their home and his all round poor behavior. One of the ducks was left calling for quite some time, hoping none of it’s young were lost in the frenzy.

Wood Ducks

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October 2019

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