Exploring the First Snow Fall With Brandy

Silence, standing in the middle of the forest that just a hand full of weeks ago, was green, is now silent. Fresh snow has fallen on the trees and grass, it is calming, a feeling of isolation yet security. Deep in the trees a bird sings, breaking the quiet of the forest and telling us... Continue Reading →

Sandrington Park

This is a small neighborhood park that fronts a forest with trails and wildlife. November 2020 Walking and Animal trails to explore Hoarfrost https://youtu.be/pfLA04BwhtA https://youtu.be/1l5qAUe0wF0 https://youtu.be/nBbQhNZpxbs Snowfall after an early March spring melt. https://youtu.be/s6s-sbSzv8A Scenic Views and Rustic Nature https://youtu.be/odl6miVRkbM Sun Dogs https://youtu.be/ilJiPFYgjY8 Wild Life Robin Robin Mallard Ducks Mallard Ducks Rabbit Rabbit Black-capped Chickadee... Continue Reading →

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