Exploring the First Snow Fall With Brandy

Silence, standing in the middle of the forest that just a hand full of weeks ago, was green, is now silent. Fresh snow has fallen on the trees and grass, it is calming, a feeling of isolation yet security. Deep in the trees a bird sings, breaking the quiet of the forest and telling us we are not alone.

We break the tranquility of the forest with our foot steps. The snow gives a squeak under our feet and then the bed of dry leaves now covered by last nights snow fall, gives way and crunches with each foot fall.

Although this is a trail we have taking many times before, the trail has taken on a new look. Where there was a canopy of green and then a harvest of reds, orange and yellow, we now have a majestic coat of shimmery white.

The first snow fall of the season will likely be short lived. There are signs of melting already at 8:30 in the morning. Snow has started to fall off the tree branches, in a day or two this first snow fall will all but be gone. Early snow does give a little bump to the economy. There will be a run on snow shovels for a couple of days and garages and tire shops will get a buzz for snow tires and winter tune ups. Oh, and body shops will see a few more fender benders.

For now we will take advantage of the new snow fall and explore our old trail with it’s new coat.

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