Taking A Neuropsychology Test

The purpose of Taking A Neuropsychology Test is to determine the health of the brain. The Test is designed to find any problems related to cognitive struggles. The Test is supervised by a doctor. The Test is offered in three typical forms, pencil and paper, on computer, read by the doctor or a combination of... Continue Reading →

You Matter, Be There Tomorrow.

Is it fair to let the ones we love to miss out on tomorrow,  ask them to stay. This is a collection of Stories, Memes, Pictures and Videos that I have created or taken. They are an important part of my on going Mental Health Therapy. I have on occasion included links to individuals that... Continue Reading →


Loneliness is being surrounded by coworkers, friends and family and feeling like there is no one around. In My Mind In my mind I reach out my hands, no one is there to pull me up. In my mind I scream for help, no one hears me. In my mind I cry, no one sees... Continue Reading →

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