Exploring The November Snowstorm With Brandy

November 11, 2021, we woke to the first snowfall of the season. It was the perfect snowball snow and the worst snow to shovel. The snow was mixed with rain, that made the snow sticky and heavy. This also made walking outside a little more interesting. Every once in a while the snow will give out under your foot and you will find yourself performing impromptu dance moves. It usually resemble a Pole Dance just without the pole. We were not going to let a little wet snow stop us from exploring the first snow fall of the season.

It is crazy how things can change in just one night, yesterday we had green grass, today it is covered in snow. By mid afternoon, the rain had quit and the winds picked up. The snow started blowing and drifting.

November 12, 2021, day two of the Snow Storm. Starting to see some pretty good sized drifts now. The air is full of the sounds of shovels’ scraping on sidewalks and the motors roaring from snow blowers. Usually the first snow fall doesn’t stick around. I’m not so sure about this one, I have a feeling it wants to stay. We started our walk this morning while there was a break in the snow. It didn’t last, the snow started to fall on the way back. No snow was going to stop Brandy from exploring the drifts.

November 13, 2021, looks like a reprieve from the the storm for today. More snow is expected tomorrow. This morning is heavy fog and frost. Perfect time for a walk in the forest.

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