Exploring Fall With Brandy

Exploring a forest with Brandy in the early fall morning is what I would call my Zen moment. In the forest the only sounds are those of the Squirrels chattering and Birds singing. For a moment I don’t notice the pain in my right knee or the constant throb and ringing in my head. Together we make our way through trails covered in the slightest layer of dew. Our only communication is by eye contact and a head nod. One of us is investigating the trails for creatures that may have come before us and the other is taking in the colors and sounds of the living forest.

The morning dew brings a depth and vibrancy to colors that you cannot experience at any other time of the day.

Exploring the forest in the early morning with a friend, enjoying the calmness and silence of nature.

Fall represents the end of the summer season, the end of growth and yet life hangs on. Flowers still bloom, birds are out hunting for berries and squirrels are buildings their stores for the coming winter.

Nature is starting to reveal it’s ever changing kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.

Summer provided new growth; young saplings secured their place among the giants that provided them with the seed to life as they grow next to the ancestors that fell before them.

Nature finds away to bring wonder and beauty to Fall right to the end.

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