Trappist Monastery Provincial Park

This maybe the most peaceful place I have visited.

The Trappist Monks were invited to the prairies of Canada from France in 1892. In 1903-04 the Our Lady of the Prairies monks built their church and occupied it and the grounds for 86 years. They self sustained themselves with gardens, orchards and a dairy farm. The monks moved to a more rural location as urban sprawl expanded. A few years later fire took a portion of the church. The church ruins and the grounds are now a historical site.

The Grounds

The guesthouse became the home of the St. Norbert Arts Centre

The World Peace Pagoda

The Romanesque Revival church was built in 1903-04 and the connecting monastic wing in 1905.

The Trappist Monastery Provincial Park is located at 100 Ruines du Monastere St. St. Norbert Manitoba.

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