Finding the Path

Let’s face it, 2020 sucked for most of us. Our families experienced loss, pain and disparity. There were changes, so many changes. We saw lineups for groceries for the first time and restrictions on travel. Normals we never saw coming, like remote learning for children, face masks and hand sanitizing before shopping. We were isolated... Continue Reading →

Duff Roblin Provincial Park

The Floodway system was created to divert water from the Red River through a channel network around Winnipeg and neighboring communities, during high flood seasons. Duff Roblin Provincial Park Pelicans Pelicans in flight. Killdeer Geese Red River Floodway Inlet Control Structure The Red River The New Observation Platform opening Fall 2020. Floodway Sunrise... Continue Reading →

Riel House Historic Site

Riel House National Historic Site of Canada. Riel Family Home. Twelve people lived in this little house, 8 of them in the second floor attic. There are two bedrooms on the main floor and a common room, the kitchen was an add on at the back. The building is a Red River construction, it was... Continue Reading →

A Walk Around The Legislative Building

Canadian FlagManitoba Provincial Flag The Building and Architecture Government House, the home of the Lieutenant Governor Statues and Monuments Gardens The Grounds and Scenery The Manitoba Legislature Building is located at 450 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 0V8 Broadway

St. Vital Park

Trails Press On WPG Fitness Trail Pull Up Bars Parallel Bars Duck Pond Five weeks later Terror In The Duck Pond A dog broke away from his owner and jumped into the Duck Pond on the hunt for Water Fowl. No sooner did the the canine hit the pond did the residents send out a... Continue Reading →

Sandrington Park

This is a small neighborhood park that fronts a forest with trails and wildlife. November 2020 Walking and Animal trails to explore Hoarfrost Snowfall after an early March spring melt. Scenic Views and Rustic Nature Sun Dogs Wild Life Robin Robin Mallard Ducks Mallard Ducks Rabbit Rabbit Black-capped Chickadee... Continue Reading →

Assiniboine Forest

The Assiniboine Forest is criss crossed with walking and animal trails, you will experience wet lands and wild life. Walking and Animal Trails Wild Life Spectacular Scenery Exploring With Brandy @ Assiniboine Forest Parking Lot is at 996 Grant Ave.,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Forks Market Winnipeg

Enjoy this Photo Gallery From The Forks Market Winnipeg. On the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers The Forks has been a meeting place for 6,000 years. The Nakoda (Assiniboins), Cree, Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) and Sioux (Dakota) peoples were the first peoples to use the area for hunting and fishing as well as a rest spot as they travelled from the... Continue Reading →

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