Halloween 👻

https://youtu.be/7n8w2iG2er4 https://youtu.be/y6xKKa02JxM https://youtu.be/Pi1CBh9qdh8 Floating Skeleton Reaper Illuminated RIP Tombstone Talking Illuminated Tombstone Pirate Skeleton Witch Skeleton Two Headed Dragon Two Headed Dragon Illuminated Black Cat Black Cat Illuminated Ghosts in Pumpkin Coffin ⚰️ Coffin ⚰️ Illuminated Spider Spider Illuminated Ghosts in Pumpkin Caged Ghost Ghost Illuminated Reaper Reaper Illuminated Brown Spider Purple Spider Boo Boo... Continue Reading →

Ready to meet the ghosts and goblins

Ready to meet the ghosts and goblins I Think The Kids Will Like My Friends Stage two of decorations complete almost ready Decorations complete ready for visitors We had more then 120 visitors, happy with the turn out.

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