King’s Park

Park Amenities Baseball FieldSoccer FieldPicnic TablesOff Leash Dog AreaChinese pagodaCarol Shields Memorial LabyrinthToboggan Slide Hill SlideToboggan Slide Trails Press On Winnipeg River Trail .5km paved, .25km unpaved Flowers and Gardens The Marshland Scenic Landscape Sun Set Chinese Pagoda Gardens Off Leash Dog Park Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth Three Flowered AvensHeartleaf Alexander Informal Gardens Toboggan Slide... Continue Reading →

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Leonid Molodozhanyn, Leo Mol, (January 15, 1915 – July 4, 2009) was a stained glass artist, painter and sculptor. Leo learned the art of ceramics in his father's pottery workshop. He studied sculpture at the  Leningrad Academy of Arts for four year in the late 1930’s. Leo and his wife, Margareth , emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1949, he... Continue Reading →


Enjoy this photo gallery of gardens. Provincial House Residence Multi Dwelling Home

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