Waiting, With No Control

Waiting, With No Control Waiting On People I Have Never Met Waiting On People In An Office I Have Never Been In Waiting On People To Make A Decision On a Report They Had No Hand In Creating Waiting On People To Decide On My Future Waiting, With No Control

Fall In Love

I'm always amazed at the way life directs us. October 9th 1981, I was at home on a Friday night which was not something that happened very often. The phone rang, it was Lisa calling for one of my brothers, for her friend. My luck, I was home alone that night. Lisa and I started... Continue Reading →

Our Humans

This story was inspired by our Black Labrador, Brandy. We lost her the summer of 2023, she was almost sixteen. Our Humans There are a lot of humans that have yet to be adopted by a pet into a for ever home. There is something about how a human reacts when it is adopted by... Continue Reading →

ER Nurse

ER Nurse Lisa loves being an ER nurse.  She dreamed of being a nurse since she was a little girl.  She always wanted to help people. She enjoys her coworkers, they are like family, they made her feel safe.  Lisa likes that they give her the security she needs, being a girl from a small town,... Continue Reading →

Key Chain

Key Chain For many years I carried several key chains. The one for work had keys for padlocks, keys to access doors, it even had keys to access boxes that have keys in them. I had my van keys and my remote starter with security. I also had a key chain with my house keys.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stay Alone

Don’t Stay Alone I once worked for a group home with mentally challenged young adults. The house they lived in was in an older area of the city, where most of the houses were what would be called, character homes. This was one of those. It had high ceilings and tall windows that went to... Continue Reading →

Walking A Mile In My Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes I saw a meme recently that said “ Never mind ‘walkin a mile in my shoes’...Try spending a day in my head.”. It made me think how would I describe what it’s like in mine with a traumatic brain injury. Let’s see, you would wake up early around 5:30... Continue Reading →

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