Yesterday we had our first experience walking through the Assiniboine Forest.   For my wife and I it was an opportunity to walk our senior black lab some place she hadn’t explored before.   My recent knee surgery and the arthritis in our pups feet dictated the pace of the walk and her need to stop and smell everything,... Continue Reading →

Shopping During The Pandemic

I stood inline at the grocery store yesterday waiting to be let in, standing six feet apart in the parking lot. Wondering to myself why weren’t we lined up on the sidewalk under the roof. Made it to the front of the store where four of us were let into the area between the doors... Continue Reading →

You Matter, Be There Tomorrow.

Is it fair to let the ones we love to miss out on tomorrow,  ask them to stay. This is a collection of Stories, Memes, Pictures and Videos that I have created or taken. They are an important part of my on going Mental Health Therapy. I have on occasion included links to individuals that... Continue Reading →

Sharing With A Neighbour

Today we shared a coffee and a meal with a neighbour. We first saw him sleeping on a concrete bench outside of a Walmart. It was -15 C with the windchill and 18 km winds. Had it not been the generosity of family this very year, this could’ve been an address for my own family.... Continue Reading →


Loneliness is being surrounded by coworkers, friends and family and feeling like there is no one around. In My Mind In my mind I reach out my hands, no one is there to pull me up. In my mind I scream for help, no one hears me. In my mind I cry, no one sees... Continue Reading →

Waiting, With No Control

Waiting, With No Control Waiting On People I Have Never Met Waiting On People In An Office I Have Never Been In Waiting On People To Make A Decision On a Report They Had No Hand In Creating Waiting On People To Decide On My Future Waiting, With No Control

Fall In Love

I'm always amazed at the way life directs us. October 9th 1981, I was at home on a Friday night which was not something that happened very often. The phone rang, it was Lisa calling for one of my brothers, for her friend. My luck, I was home alone that night. Lisa and I started... Continue Reading →

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