Lest We Forget

World War One ended on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. We now recognize all those that have served and those that have sacrificed for the freedom of others. Inspired by the poem “ In Flanders Fields “ written by Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae the Poppy has become a symbol of Remembrance Day, sometimes called Poppy Day. Artificial Poppies are exchanged for donation by Veterans. The Veterans use the donations to provide supports to members of the armed services and Veterans.

World War One(1914-1918), more than 650,000 Canadian’s served, 66,000 gave their lives and 172,000 were wounded.
World War Two(1939-1945), more than 1,000,000 Canadian’s served, 55,000 lost their lives and 45,000 more were wounded.
Korean War(1953-1957), nearly 27,000 Canadian’s served, 516 lives were taken, 1000 were wounded.
Afghanistan War(2001-2014) 40,000 Canadian’s served, 158 gave their lives, 613 were wounded.
Canadian service members lost to suicide 10/Day.

In most cities across Canada there are areas in cemeteries dedicated to service personnel that lost their lives. There are many more cemeteries around the world that hold resting place for those that never made it home.

Mules were used to transport artillery.
Horses were used to pull ambulance wagons, mounted troops hauling artillery.
Carrier Pigeon carried messages.
Dogs were used for bomb detection, carrying messages, search and rescue.
Many lost their lives while performing their duties.

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