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Visual Graphics or Signage is used to provide information to an audience. Signs have been around since the time of the Cave Man, from 18,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used signs to mark landmarks and direction to major cities. England in the Middle Ages, Brewers were required to use signs if they wanted to sell from their breweries. The creation of the automobile required a new generation of sign, the road sign. It has taken a long time to develop the road sign into what we have today and create a worldwide standard. Signs on Billboards can be found everywhere, they are now commonplace on the roadside and skyline. Although the Billboard has only been around since the 1930’s providing an avenue to advertise businesses the basic concept goes back to the Egyptians and the Romans. What was once wood or stone signage now towers over us with light and video. They are still used to highlight landmarks and direction.

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