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I wanted to show my support for Ukraine and the Ukraine people that have lost so much and still stand against the evil that has invaded their land. I quickly found that I needed to share their story, I needed to share it for the far to many that no longer have a voice, more importantly for those that will not allow themselves to see or hear. This is most definitely not an impartial story, this is a story of families, neighbours and strangers coming together to defend against an evil super power intent on domination and destruction. This is a story of a country that is having it’s land destroyed and it’s lives taken, sacrificed for the benefit of the rich and powerful. This is a story that needs to be told often, a story that needs to be told loudly and with passion, now and long after the last bullet is fired. Thank you, to the journalists and photographers, that risk their lives everyday to share the story of the Ukrainian people.

Early in February images of Russian military on the move started to show up on social media. Clips of military convoys moving through the streets. These movements also caught the eye of western countries concerned about a Russian build up of forces near Ukraine. As the Russian force deployed on three sides surrounding the north , south and east board of Ukraine, President Putin clams that the deployment was a training exercise and there was no intention to invade Ukraine. Shortly Ukraine and the world would see what they feared, Putin lied and he would start want he liked to call a Special Operation. To Ukraine and most the rest of the world the illegal Invasion into Ukraine was a declaration of war.

On February 24, 2022, Russia led by President Putin invaded the peaceful country of Ukraine. With 190,000 armed solders Russia attacked Ukraine on three sides from the South at the Black Sea, the East from Belarus and from the North. European countries to the west of Ukraine opened their borders to Ukrainian refugees. Almost all United Nations members came together to support Ukraine with humanitarian and military aide. China and India have remained virtually silent since the war on Ukraine started, leaving many to believe they may have a connection with Russia.

In the first ten days of the unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Russia had launched 600 missiles. Shelling of civilians By Russia has been sending the death toll climbing. President Putin and the Russian military are being investigated for war crimes. More than 1.3 million refugees traveled for as much as 50 hours, many walking, to find safety in countries to their west. Ukrainian military and civilian guard successfully repel the Russian military in most large cities the first 10 days of the war. Russian military have bombed non military buildings killing non-combatant civIlians.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky refused to leave Ukraine for safety in America, stating the now famous call to arms, “ I need ammunition, not a ride.” . President Zelensky rallied the people of Ukraine. With only a Ukrainian flag in hand Ukrainians stood up against armed Russian military, sometimes to be pushed aside, other times wounded after being shot at by Russian military.

President Putin and his Russian Military continues to rage war against Ukraine. The attempted siege of the independent Ukrainian country, now three weeks old has claimed hundreds of innocent lives. With fierce defensive resistance from Ukrainian forces, the Russian advance into Ukraine has been a slow crawl. Frustration on the part of the Russian Military has resulted in increased bombing on Ukraine. Little regard for targets or cassualties is given or to where the bombs land. Playgrounds, residential homes, hospitals or military it is all the same. More than 2,6 million Ukrainians have now found refuge in NATO countries to the east. Finding safe passage out of Ukraine has been made lethal by attacks on Ukrainian civilians from the Russian Milatary.

Ukrainian civilians have taken to the streets to protest the Russian Military presence in Ukraine and the kidnapping of their elected officials. It has been reported that Russia has removed Ukrainian elected personal and replaced them with Russian personnel. Russian claims for starting the Ukraine Invasion have changed and evolved as the war has dragged on, starting with attempting to remove NeoNazi leadership from Ukraine, to a possible nuclear threat, to a belief of US and Ukraine collaboration to use chemical warfare. All this death and destruction has been so that Russia can once again take control of a land from a people that wanted nothing more than to have peace and independence.

Russian government has forced all independent media outlets to shut down, now controlling all the reports of the invasion into Ukraine by President Putin and the Russian Military. The Russian government has imposed strict regulations on what can be reported in regards to the war on Ukraine. Lengthy jail sentences of 15 years for reporting that Russia is at war with Ukraine has caused foreign journalists to leave Russia for their own safety.

BIDEN: ”For gods sake this man cannot remain in power”

On March 27,2022 President Biden gives an impressive talk in Warsaw, one of the last statements he make is ”For gods sake, this man cannot remain in power”. Soon after the speech Biden’s support staff claim that he and his office were not calling for a Russian regime change, more it was a question as to how Russian people could follow Putin. Likely a popular sentiment by many today would be to see a regime change in Russia.

Four weeks into president Putin’s War on Ukraine and there are over ten million displaced Ukrainians, more than 3.3 million of them are refugees in a foreign country. Reports from Mariupol state that thousands of Ukraines have been forcibly taken to Russia. Russian military is still at a stand still and not able to secure control of any major cities in Ukraine, frustrating Putin and his military leaders. Some areas the Ukrainian military have been able to push back the Russian advance. Russia has added Hypersonic missiles to it’s arsenal, in an attempt to intimidate and inflict more physical damage. The free world has heard Ukraines request for assistance and has responded. Volunteers have come to help with assisting Ukrainian refugees, some have come to help with meals and medical needs and others, more than 20,000 have come to help fight along side the Ukrainian military. NATO and world leaders are speaking out on Putin ’s illegal war against Ukraine, some are now calling out Putin for War Crimes, for the bombing of civilians. Every opportunity is taken, to get the story of the assault on Ukraine by the Putin’s war machine to the civilians of Russia.

It is already over a month sine Mr. Putin and his machine of destruction invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine. Mr. Putin now claims that the first phase of the invasion into Ukraine is complete, still not occupying any of the major cities he said he would free from the drug using neo-nazi leadership controlling the Ukrainian civilians. The Ukrainian military made up of Ukrainian armer forces, foreign volunteers and civilians, have not only held the Russian advance they have in some areas pushed the invading force back. Russia continues to bomb the Ukrainian landscape, destroying parks, hospitals, homes, infrastructure and on occasion a military target while troops are sleeping. Russian losses are estimated at 15,000, many have been left on the field of battle by their leadership. It is said the Ukrainians have honoured these fallen by placing them in safety so they can be returned their mothers and families with the Russian soldiers that have been captured or surrendered, not wanting to kill for Putin and his billionaire oligarch supports. Nearly 4 million mothers and children have fled their country in hopes of finding safety in Romania, Poland and Moldavia. Their homes in Ukraine for many destroyed by the constant bombing by the Russian invaders.

Pope John Paul II ” Be not afraid”

Now over a month into the assault of the innocent civilians of Ukraine, it is believed that Mr. Putin is now looking at a concession of dividing Ukraine East and West, since Russian military was unable to execute the original plan of a complete country take over. Reports from Belarus indicate the supply chain to the Russia War Machine has been interrupted by the sabotage to the rail system in Belarus. Civilians are being take from Mariupol by Russian military to Russia, among them 2000 children.

It is believed that the Russian commanders on the battle field in Ukraine have not been sharing accurate information with Mr. Putin, about the poor performance the Russian ground forces have done. Why would the commanders not inform Putin with the true failure of the execution of the Putin plan to invade Ukraine? Could there be a fear that any negative reports would be rewarded with a change of command and the elimination of commanders that fail to perform? The last days of March and Russia announces that a pull back of ground forces from the area surrounding Kyiv . Russia continues to bomb the all major Ukrainian cities. Most suspect that Russia is using the pull back of ground force as a delay tactic, while plans are engaged for another aggressive push on the already decimated and Russian military surrounded Ukrainian cities. Putin has put the Slavic people into a war where brothers and cousins are fighting on opposite sides the streets of Ukraine against each other.

Day 37 of the brutal intrusion of Russian Military in Ukraine. Ukraine continues to push back against the Russian ground forces, today reporting that Kyiv and the area around is under Ukrainian control. Ukraine civilian losses climb daily from Russian missile and bomb being dropped on Ukrainian cities. A fuel depot in Russian territory was destroyed by two helicopters, Ukraine has not acknowledged any involvement.


There are reports of war crimes committed by Russian military in Ukraine. Videos documenting Ukrainians with their hands tied behind their backs and executed. Cyclists gun down in the streets, their bodies left where they fell. Reports of Ukraines being raped by Russian solders. Residential buildings destroyed, burned to the ground. Mass graves with 150 or more unnamed bodies.

1000 hours of was in Ukraine, that was started by a few hiding behind a blanket of lies. As Ukraine starts to force the Russian military back horrors are reveal. Hope is reveal in the devastation, thousands of refugees start to return home, for most homes that are now burnt out shells of their family history.

Russia is using the letter Z, a symbol associated with defeating the Nazis at the end of the Second World War, now as a rally call to gain support for the unprovoked attacks on Ukraine.

April 7, 2022 The United Nations voted 93-24 to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council. The death toll on Russia military has been significant, mid March estimated puts the number of Russian dead at 15,000. Russian officials reported 1300 losses. Kremlin official reports significant troop losses in Ukraine. With Putin’s inability to accomplish his goal to control Ukraine, Putin’s future as leader of Russia is in question. Investigations into war crimes by Putin and the Russian military in Ukraine continues, there is unfortunately no shortage of evidence of the horrors committed against Ukrainian civilians and captured Ukrainian soldiers.

Russia claims that their motives to be in Ukraine is to free the Ukrainian people from the Neo Nazi government control. Russia says the videos coming out of Ukraine depicting Ukraine civilians injured and killed by Russian ground forces and bombings are fake, staged with actors. Few believe Russias claims as investigations continue Into war crimes by Russia against Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is believed that Russia will be using the railroad in Russian occupied area to reassign their ground forces that retreated from the west and north areas of Ukraine. Damage to this railroad would significantly hamper supply and troop movements.

It is said that the print on the side of the bomb that was dropped on the train station says ”FOR THE CHILDREN “. The unanswered question, was it sent for the Russian children or was it sent to harm the Ukrainian children?

Finally after nearly fifty days of Russian forces murdering Ukrainian citizens, world leaders are speaking out about the genocide committed by Putin. Now that leader like president Biden have accused Putin of genocide in Ukraine, what is next, does this change the support provided to Ukraine? Estimates of over 20,000 civilian killed in Mariupol, Ukraine since the start of the illegal invasion by Putin and his Russian military. This is only one city of many cities and towns that have been destroyed needlessly but for the gratification of war criminals. There have been over 6000 cases opened for investigation into war crimes, the rape of women and girl, torture, murder and the destruction non military buildings are a few crimes being investigated. Russian forces are regrouping to the east in Ukraine, the world is watching as Putin prepared to start a new, more aggressive assault of genocide to occupy sovereign Ukraine. Surely it is time for N.A.T.O. to take a more active role in this war, how long is Ukraine expected to sacrifice alone for the rest of us?

Speak, for those with no voice.

The cost to rebuild Ukraine will be staggering after the destruction to infrastructure caused by Putin and his illegal war. A mid March estimate by the United Nations puts the cost to rebuild the Ukrainian infrastructure at $100 Billion. Expectation is that the funds to cover the cost of the rebuild will come from Russia, likely from the seized property acquired from sanction placed on supporters of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine.

Innocent children lost in the war started by Putin in Ukraine, 210 is the the number that can be confirmed. 210 children killed by Russian bullets and bomb shrapnel. 210 is a number that does not include the town and cities that still being attacked by Russian aggression. Children under buildings bombed and destroyed, children laying dead in streets, their names not known. 210 is number that unfortunately will continue to grow as Putin and his criminal war force pursues the invasion of Ukraine. 210 does not include the Ukrainian children that are now orphans after their parents were lost to the brutal Putin war.

Now into the eighth week of senseless loss of life caused by the Russian invasion on Ukraine. Vanda Obiedkova a 91 year old Holocaust survivor from World War II, died while taking refuge in a basement bomb shelter in her home town of Mariupol. Vanda survived 81 years earlier by hiding in a basement, only to falll hiding in another basement at the hands of the Russians. Mariupol is desperate to find a path to safely escort 120,000 nonmilitary civilian Ukraians, currently surrounded by Russian forces intent on ellimitating the Ukrainian poeples, to safety.

Putin supports have had enough of the war and the cost sanctions have had on the Russian Oligarch. Putin’s ground forces are complaining about the lack of supplies, like food. There are reports of Russian military looting and eating dogs. Soldiers that would rather go home to Russia than receive any metals of recognition for their part in the Ukraine invasion.

After defending themselves for two months in a steel plant in Mariupol, a twenty four hour ceasefire allowing buses to transport Ukrainian civilians to safety. Putin and his military attack on Mariupol has destroyed the buildings and infrastructure, leaving thousands dead and injured and the city uninhabitable. Putin had a goal to liberate Ukraine, could this be what liberation was to look like, a city of mass graves, burning buildings, displaced civilians, murdered and tortured laying in the streets. There are now over 5.4 million displaced Ukrainians living under the protection of foreign countries, Ukrainians afraid of Putin and his plan for their liberation.

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