Blazing Trails With Brandy

Now I know most of us would not consider going for a morning walk while it is snowing. There was a time I would have been very happy to stay indoors with a book or a movie. When you live with a dog, the need changes. Todays weather report is a snowfall warning for the whole day, there didn’t look like there was going to be a better time for a morning walk. The temp was actually not too bad -10C with next to no wind, except for having to walk through the couple of inches of fresh snow, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Turns out we were the first ones to hit the park this morning, not much of a surprise I guess. This was a great opportunity for us to Blaze a Path on the forest trails. I have to say that there is something exhilarating about being the first ones on the trail. Of course, being first on the trail is not that easy to do within a forest where many others live. We saw a squirrel zip across our path and leave it’s tracks in the snow. Second, is ok, we didn’t mind being second on the trails. Looks like the deer have come out to look for something to eat. Ok third on the trail, that’s a bronze in any race. We saw the deer tracks but unfortunately no deer, they must have worked their way deeper into the forest.

The fresh snow meant that there was a whole new world of things to explore and Brandy didn’t want to miss anything. Head deep in the snow, right to her eyes, rooting in the snow determined to find what is hiding down below. The tall grass of summer is now short sprites poking through the snow. The prints in the snow now covered over look like small moguls on a ski run.

Brandy stops to look over her shoulder to make sure I’m still keeping up, or maybe she is checking to see if I am taking another picture of her, no I am sure she is checking on me. We now have accepted that we are the fourth to hit the trails this morning as a rabbit runs across our path. Not first anymore, not even going to place, but still able to Blaze a Path on the Forest Trails. The snow was not coming down hard but it never let up during our walk. The birds were out looking for food, a Chickadee was taking advantage of the recent winds and feeding on the fallen seeds. On our way out of the park, it is evident that Brandy and I did not Blaze the same Path.

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