Exploring The Winter Solstice With Brandy

December 21, The Winter Solstice, The Longest Night, for us in the northern hemisphere it is a time for change. Living on the Canadian prairie, for most of us , we start our day with the sun yet to raise and we finish our work day with the sun already set. We know that The Winter Solstice, the day with the least amount of day light means that tomorrow the days start to get longer. Minutes add to the length of daylight as the earth’s northern hemisphere slowly tilts back closer to the sun. The Winter Solstice is also the start of the winter season. Snowfall can start on the prairies in late October, early November and still be on the ground or falling in May.

Exploring the Winter Solstice With Brandy this morning, we found that we had fresh snow on the ground. The fresh snow turned our old trails into new exploring experiences. A blue sky, -18C temp and hardly a wind, makes the walk very enjoyable. With all the new snow the walk goes slowly, there are plenty of places to stop and explore and more opportunities to snap a picture. The new snow also meant that noses would have to do some burrowing.

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