Following Brandy’s Lead

On todays walk it was obvious that Brandy had her own agenda and our roles of leader and follower had reversed. Sometimes you have to hand over the controls to your Camera Assistant and let them take charge. Under Brandy’s direction we zigged zagged along the trails, stopping to investigate all she took an interest in. Along with the morning frost and the early sunrise, Brandy had guided us to some pretty nice photo opportunities. Right from the start we saw three young deer cross our path. As we moved further down the trail we were able to catch a glimpse of the young deer with Mom in the bush. We caught sight of a Black Capped Chickadee feeding and working on some tricky acrobatics. Brandy continued to lead us along the trails looking for the next picture shot. Relentlessly she looked high and low for the shots that touched her. There was no doubt, the morning sun was an inspiration for her today. A squirrel came by to see what we were doing, he gave us a pose and then scampered off. We came across a rabbit watching us from deep in the thick brush. I think Brandy did a really good job leading today, she found us some great photo opportunities, I’ll have no problem handing over control to her again.

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