droplet NOUN a very small drop of a liquid. A droplet is described as a small column of liquid with free movement on a surface. Droplets provide hydration to plants and animals. A droplet is like a tiny window that opens a perspective to the world, to it's viewer that wouldn't seen anywhere else. Images,... Continue Reading →

Exploring The Meadow With Brandy

We took our walk this morning before the sun broke over the tree tops. There was no wind, the temperature was -1C and there was frost everywhere. The grass crunched under our feet as we walked along our favorite trail. At the far end of the trail we could see the little meadow of green... Continue Reading →

Exploring The Fog With Brandy

We started October with back to back foggy mornings. The first day, the fog dropped from the sky. The next day, the sky was mostly clear and the fog hovered over the ground. October 1, 2021 The fog today fills the sky, blocking the sun. Everywhere we look there is a grey haze. The air... Continue Reading →

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