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This is our Brain Injury

Brain injuries impact 65,000,000 people annually worldwide. In North America that’s a Brain Injury every 9 seconds. Most Brain Injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Brain Injuries are also a result of Strokes, Self Harm, Sport Injury, Violence, Combat Injuries, Falls, Disease, Electrical Shock. Brain Injury the “Silent Epidemic “ is the largest contributor to death and disability for all trauma-related injuries. Survivors with Brain Injuries can experience many symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms are Headaches, Dizziness, Brain Fog, Cognitive Issues, Memory Loss, Vision Loss, Mood Swings and Chronic Pain. Brain Injuries can be progressive, survivors could experience new symptoms years later including organ failures.

Brain Injury, The Invisible Disease, at first glance a survivor may look no different than anyone in a crowd. How we sit, walk, stand, think, how we work and do our chores is different. It is different from how others do them and it is different from how we used to do them. It can take 5 times more energy to complete tasks with a Brain Injury than without one. Understanding and accepting these changes can be a challenge for others to accept, it can be a greater challenge for survivors to accept. Brain Injury Survivors are at a 3-4 time greater risk of death by suicide and have a higher level of suicide attempts and suicide ideation. Brain Injury Survivors are fighters and warriors, they battle daily with their symptoms for the possibility of a better tomorrow.

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