Why can’t I be normal? Five words that can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Normal, what is normal? Is normal the same for me as it is for you? Does it have to be? Who sets the standard for what normal is? Why is their understanding of normal the right one? Why do we accept another’s Normal over our own Normal?

Media and advertising influence what Normal is perceived to be. Our look, our fashion, our diet, our weight, how we spend our time and what our relationships should look like. Social media platforms have allowed us to share our media and advertising influences what we experience. We support the advertisers with our social media shares. They tell us what our Normal should look like and we are almost always going to fail to achieve their unattainable look. There is little possibility of reaching the look the media and advertisers tell us is Normal, because it is constantly changing. Their Normal changes with the season, it changes with trends and fads, it changes by region and it changes with influencers.

Bullies and Intimidators like to ask “Why are you not normal?” When we give them control over us and the power over how we see ourselves, when we even allow that question inside our mind and try to answer it for them, we lose ourselves. We have to understand what the question is really asking “Why are we not normal like them?” The answer, why would we, why would we want to be an intimidator, when we can be an example. We have our own Normal, we don’t need theirs.

My Normal today is not the same as what my Normal was before my accident and likely never will be. Most everything I do today is different than it was, this is my Normal. My Normal is different from everyone in my family and my Normal is different from most others. This is my Normal, their Normal is theirs.

“Why am I not Normal?” “Why are you not Normal?” We are Normal, our Normal. “When will I be Normal again?” We are Normal today, tomorrow may look different from today, that will be our New Normal.

Their Normal Is Theirs, Your Normal Is Yours, Live Your Normal.

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  1. Blair you have touched my heart in so many ways. I could never express my feelings the way you do … I identify with every word.

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