Exploring the End of Summer With Brandy

We are into the last week of September, fall is just upon us now and the last traces of summer are starting to fade. Our morning walk in the forest provides a different scenic view every day. The landscape is constantly changing now with new colors and patterns. Everyday we find something new to explore,... Continue Reading →

The Leaf

The Leaf manufactures food for the plant by photosynthesis. Most leaves are green due to a substance call chlorophyll which absorbs light energy. The leaf uses the light energy to converts Water into Oxygen and Hydrogen. The Oxygen is released from pores in The Leaf, the hydrogen is converted in to sugars for both plants... Continue Reading →

Exploring Fall With Brandy

Exploring a forest with Brandy in the early fall morning is what I would call my Zen moment. In the forest the only sounds are those of the Squirrels chattering and Birds singing. For a moment I don't notice the pain in my right knee or the constant throb and ringing in my head. Together... Continue Reading →

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