Riel House Historic Site

Riel House National Historic Site of Canada.

Riel Family Home. Twelve people lived in this little house, 8 of them in the second floor attic. There are two bedrooms on the main floor and a common room, the kitchen was an add on at the back. The building is a Red River construction, it was designed to be disassembled and moved. The house was moved once to it’s current location. Although, Louis Riel never lived in this house, he was brought to the house after his execution. The black cross on the roof symbolizes the family in mourning.

In Doors

On The Grounds. The original property reached from the Red River to the Seine River. The house was first located near the Seine River and then disassembled and moved, the house was rebuilt at it’s current location close to the Red River.

Gardens and Flowers

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Riel House National Site of Canada is located at 330 River Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Contact Parks Canada for more information on Riel House.

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