Southland Park Community Lake


Unplugging from the net and social media for just a little while, can give you an opportunity to reconnect with life. I have recently had knee surgery and have been working on my recovery. One activity I do is a morning walk with my senior black lab. We find parks with forested areas and trails... Continue Reading →

St. Vital Park

Trails Press On WPG Fitness Trail Pull Up Bars Parallel Bars Duck Pond Five weeks later Terror In The Duck Pond A dog broke away from his owner and jumped into the Duck Pond on the hunt for Water Fowl. No sooner did the the canine hit the pond did the residents send out a... Continue Reading →

Sandrington Park

This is a small neighborhood park that fronts a forest with trails and wildlife. November 2020 Walking and Animal trails to explore Hoarfrost Snowfall after an early March spring melt. Scenic Views and Rustic Nature Sun Dogs Wild Life Robin Robin Mallard Ducks Mallard Ducks Rabbit Rabbit Black-capped Chickadee... Continue Reading →

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