Shopping During The Pandemic

I stood inline at the grocery store yesterday waiting to be let in, standing six feet apart in the parking lot. Wondering to myself why weren’t we lined up on the sidewalk under the roof.

Made it to the front of the store where four of us were let into the area between the doors where they store the shopping carts. A lady in a mask and plastic gloves explains how shopping is done during the pandemic. Inside the store are carts that have been sanitized for us to use. We are to follow the one way arrows on the floor. Only touch items on the shelf we want to purchase. When possible only one member per household.

Ok seems simple enough, except for one of my quartet, a senior gentleman that couldn’t hear the speech so it was repeated for him. It looked like he understood and since he was the last of us in line he went first.

Twice as I moved up and down the aisles following my one way arrows I came across my senior friend roaming in an aisle, going against the flow of traffic, his cart alone two rows over. So maybe he didn’t quite get the plan. It kind of made me smile for a moment.

Then I thought it’s him, he is the one that will take us all out.

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