Fall In Love

I’m always amazed at the way life directs us.

October 9th 1981, I was at home on a Friday night which was not something that happened very often. The phone rang, it was Lisa calling for one of my brothers, for her friend. My luck, I was home alone that night. Lisa and I started to talk and before we knew it, four hours had gone by talking about music, friends and family. We made plans to meet up at a house party the next night. At the end of the party, we sat around the living room with friends talking. Lisa was in a chair and I sat on the floor next to her, I reached up and held her hand, that is how two high school kids ended their first date.

October 31 1984, I met Lisa at her work with a hot meal from McD’s, in her fries I hid an engagement ring. She could not resist my charm, this romantic gesture, or the stimulating cuisine. She said yes.

October 17 1987, we were wed. We had a wonderful day with close friends and family that came to share our day. Our life together has had its challenges. There were hard time, and good times, and great times. Through all of this we have always had each other and now we have two, near grown children.

October, we look forward to what the future brings, more challenges I have no doubt. Hand in hand, we will take on those challenges together. It all started with a phone call that I wouldn’t let her hang up on.

I wouldn’t change a single day. Every day led us to where we are are today, right where we should be.

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