Red Lobster

We only have one Red Lobster left in our city, this means planning our experience to avoid the rush and get caught up in long wait time.
The decor has started to get a little run down since their last renovation. We were there right when they opened so it wasn’t to busy yet. The carpets could have used a little care in the corners.

Reb Lobster Biscuit

The Red Lobster Biscuits are a favourite of ours. Maybe it’s time or maybe it’s us but the biscuits seem to have gotten smaller over the years. I think it was the butter on the biscuits, they tasted salty, That didn’t stop us from finishing our order.

Endless Shrimp
Garlic Shrimp
Hand Breaded Shrimp

There were several choices of shrimp flavours, Hand Breaded, Teriyaki-Grilled, Nashville Hot, Garlic, Linguini Alfredo and Crispy Siracha-Honey. We tried the Hand Breaded Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp and the Teriyaki-Grilled Shrimp. Once again we found the butter salty in the Garlic Shrimp. The Teriyaki-Grilled Shrimp had Good flavour but I don’t think they would be our first choice. The Hand Breaded Shrimp was our favourite choice, we would have liked the breading to have had a little more texture.

Hand Breaded Shrimp, Teriyaki Shrimp, Broccoli

The Baked Potato was cooked well and the Broccoli wasn’t over cooked. Our server was really attentive and friendly. Overall the meal had a good value for $21.99 Canadian, the $15.99 US Price would have been better.

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