Enjoy this spring photo gallery. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the end of what had most likely been a long cold winter and now looking forward to longer daylight hours and warmer weather. There are always high expectation of the pending Spring season, an early thaw, warm sunny weekends, no mosquitoes and ticks, precipitation in the evenings, rainbow of flowers and an opportunity to be outdoors without layers. Spring has a funny way of finding a way to surprise, a late season snow storm, a sudden thaw and flood or a drought. What ever Spring surprises come, new life will always be there. Spring is that moment when Nature hides her secrets from us again, behind a thick curtain, masked in shades of green and deep shadows.


New Families

Spring Flood 2020 Southern Manitoba

Birds and The Bees

New Buds

Tree Buds

Spring field burns

Flooding in Southern Manitoba, 2022

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